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VREV Weekly Newsletter WEEK FIVE

by DeVinnie, 46 days ago



These and other philosophical thoughts and ideas were expressed this weekend as VREV played a "crucial role" in the overwhelming Server Smash victory. The hour long battle ended with the Vanu team in the lead by over 10%, and after our glorious victory we celebrated long into the night, the wine flowing like water and the songs of our deeds filling the halls recently conquered  from the foe.


If you were not present at the smash and you have not done so already ask one of the participants how it went. We may not have represented the server, but we represented the outfit, and we did so very well. Some of the individual skirmishes were close fights but the overall battle was a total victory.


This week we were able to get an exclusive interview with Colonel Truefear. For anyone that does not already know the video contest mentioned in this interview is a contest open to all VREV members which was officially announced two weeks ago, the broad requirements of the video being simply that it must showcase 'VREV being VREV'. The first place winner of the contest will receive $25 in daybreak cash, the second place $15. A third place will be decided and announced but will not be awarded a cash prize.


Q: There has been a lot of talk about a VREV YouTube channel in the near future, is there any more specific information you can give us about that?

A: Sadly I can't, that's still in the works and we are at a very early stage on that, unfortunately.


Q: Is there any connection between this YouTube channel you have in the works and the VREV video contest?

A: Absolutely, the purpose of the contest is completely to generate content. The one thing we do not want is for the YouTube channel to start up empty, I would rather it start up already full.


Q: What level of response have you gotten from the community in relation to the VREV video contest?

A: I have already gotten two video submissions, although one of the two declined to officially participate in the contest only because they say they have no need of the daybreak cash reward. Several other people have told me that they are in the process of creating videos for submission.


Q: You say there are some submissions that were unrelated to the contest, will all such submissions have the possibility of making it to the YouTube channel?

A: Yes, we wish to have as much content as possible for the channel as I said. Anyone that gives us a quality video and permission to use it on the channel will have that video on the channel but the contest winning video will be featured the most prominently. Possibly we may even put it on our Facebook page as well.


Q: I was not aware that VREV had a Facebook page. Tell me more.

A: It is an idea we have had for a while. I still need to talk with Guitar about what needs to happen to make that viable, although I don't see how it could be since people would have to use their real names and nobody is going to want to do that and I can see why. I would not want to do that. I have a Facebook account under the name Truefear I will stick on there but that isn't something I can see everyone wanting to do.


Q: What is the name of that Facebook page?

A: Truefear


Q: No, I mean the outfit Facebook page. Is it called VREV? Victorious Revolution? Vanu Revolution?

A: Victorious Revolution.


Q: What are your personal thoughts on the latest Server Smash?

A: I... don't have any positive words to say. I was disappointed by how easily we won. It did not feel as hard fought as I would have liked and the quality of the competition was definately lower than expected.

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VREV Discord

by guitarmastah, 55 days ago

The VREV Discord Server is up and running.


Click below to join!



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