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VREV Weekly Newsletter WEEK THREE

by DeVinnie, 4 days ago

A new week, and a new site makeover for! This new week also brings more new cannon fodder trusted and valued VREV recruits. please welcome:


VilotPain - 'That white guy'

FreeBeerHere - 'That guy that DeVinnie ran over'

OhLordTakeTheWheel - 'That guy with the accent'


Welcome to the revolution, comrades.


The following promotions have also occurred:


New lieutenant:

DeVinnie - 'That douchebag ragequitter'


Server Smash


VREV will be participating in the next server smash on October 7th. All five planetside servers will be in this one, so this is sizing up to be a very large event for the planetside communtity. It has been confirmed that we will be playing as the Vanu Sovereignty against the Terran Republic, a chance to show the superiority of Vanus wisdom against the unenlightened. Any VREV members that are interested participating or learning more about server smash may talk to PrideOfSalem, who will be more than happy to give more details.


VREV Merchandise


Earlier this week Guitarmastah made an announcement about VREV T-shirts complete with our badass new outfit decal. For those poor unfortunates that missed it, the link is below. Even if you are not interested in buying any, you should check it out just to admire that new decal. I mean, just look at that thing! I can just FEEL the motivation emminating from it.


Motivational Propaganda Posters Screenshots Wanted!


With our new surge in activity and website revamping comes an increased demand for awesome art to put in the gallery. Any screenshots of awesome VREV moments in Planetside should be given to TrueFear. Anyone wanting to make submissions is welcome to do so. We will also be looking into creating a VREV YouTube channel, so in the future video submissions may be wanted as well. Stay tuned for more information about that!

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Vrev T-Shirts

by guitarmastah, 10 days ago

Hey everyone!

Don't forget to order your T-Shirt! The link is below. Many thanks to Kate @ for making these awesome shirts available for everyone!!/Victorious-Revolution/p/64920314/category=18987036



This is the back view.

Game on!



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VREV Weekly Newsletter WEEK TWO

by DeVinnie, 12 days ago

New Recruits This Week!


Please take the time to welcome the following members to the outfit, may they serve Vanu well in the years to come.


- LtChord 'That guy that uses light assault a lot'

- Moby78 'That guy that helped with flying the galaxy'

- HorusMorus 'That guy from DaPP'


The Revolution will continue to grow and prosper. All hail the Sovereignty!


Turtlephobia: The Truth Revealed!


Dear citizens of the Sovereignty, I have looked into the phenomenon of turtlephobia just as I promised I would last week. After countless hours of journalistic investigation using the PIDOOMA method, a method used and respected by media outlets on all sides of the political spectrum, there can be only one conclusion. Turtlephobia is not a natural state of mind...


It is the result of evil Terran Republic propaganda!


I cannot reveal my sources, but I assure you that this startling revelation is the absolute truth. You see my friends, it all started when I asked myself "What is the one thing on Auraxis that makes me think about turtles?" The answer? It should be obvious. Think about it.




Those crappy little I-win-shield vanguard shell-hiding mother... ahem, well... you get the idea. My sources indicate that the upper levels of the Republic Propaganda Department have launched a subtle propaganda campaign aimed at loyal Vanu Sovereignty soldiers centered around the superficial resemblance of vanguard shields to the shells of a certain family of adorable reptiles. Their intent is to redirect our attentions to fighting the NC exclusively, playing their enemies against each other, and who takes the fall? those poor innocent turtle bystanders. Luckily for us we are too clever to fall for such mundane trickery! Always remember that an enemy is an enemy, both the TR and NC must fall for mankind to reach enlightenment.


This trickery of our foes will do them no good in the end. Auraxis will be liberated, and the light of Vanu shall shine on.


Support your local turtle shelter today!

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Minecraft Update- Infinity Evolved 3.0.1

by guitarmastah, 12 days ago



The minecraft server has been updated to FTB Infinity Evolved 3.0.1 The connection information has not changed and is listed below.


Vrev Minecraft Server website



Have Fun!


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VREV Weekly Newsletter WEEK ONE

by DeVinnie, 17 days ago

Turtles: Misunderstood Reptiles, or Shell-Hiding Cowards?


It is a topic that has come up many times before, and been the cause of open controversy and division for weeks within the VREV Planetside community. I myself first encountered this abnormal level of anti-Testudines sentiment during a seemingly innocent conversation about cats and dogs which was taking place over some happy mass murder of New Conglomerate rebels in an unofficial VREV harasser squad. While there was some natural and expected disagreement between members as to the relative value of the feline versus canine families of animalia the conversation was fairly mundane until I asked a simple question, one which I never expected to bring to light such controversy:


"Truefear, do you like turtles?" I asked.


The response I received was immediate and emotionally heated. As our fearless leader expounded upon his uncompromising hatred of turtlekind (The specific quote "Screw those shell-hiding cowards" comes to mind, among other similar statements) I could only listen in silent fascination. I have since come to learn that such bigotry is surprisingly common among our VREV brethren. I made up my mind then and there to investigate and perhaps discover the motives behind this phenomenon I have dubbed "turtlephobia"


It turns out that not all VREV members share these particular views about turtles. One VREV veteran I interviewed (whose name shall remain anonymous for his own saftey) stated that he did not have any strong feelings about turtles, even going so far as to call them "a cute organism". The same individual stated that he did not understand why people had any strong opinions at all about turtles. "Why would I have opinions about fucking turtles?" he asked. "Sure you have some opinions about earthworms and shit, like they are not as cute but they are useful. But why turtles?"


Why turtles indeed? While we may not know why turtles specifically are being targeted for such exclusion, our investigation continues into the causes of turtlephobia and its effect on the society of Auraxis as a whole. I personally pledge to get to the root of this mystery and to bring my readers the truth of the matter, whatever it may be.


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Newsletter- Planetside 2

by guitarmastah, 18 days ago

Dear Victorious Revolution, Planetside 2 Division

This is to be the first of what will be a monthly newsletter for Victorious Revolution. After an extensive period of hiatus of the Planetside 2 Division, August has seen an upturn in member activity. As of the beginning of September we have successfully completed seven official operations in which we have recruited Two new members, whom many of you have likely already met in Teamspeak. For those that have not please welcome Diamatrix ands Dracounicus. I believe I speak for all VREV veterans when I express my satisfaction at the way things are turning out, and my sincerest hope that this trend continues. This newsletter will be a bit short because of the short amount of time that we have been back to operations. Expect much more useful information and great new in future articles. If you would like to assist with the newsletter send a message to Truefear or Devinnie.

           Keep up the Revolution!




Colonel Truefear Director Planetside 2 Division


Editor - Mr.Martinus Meical

Scribe- Devinnie the “Yellow Dart” Smith

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