by Mordak Wolfgate, 15 days ago

For now the Teamspeak server is hosted at the following address. It will revert back to the original address in few days or so. Sorry for the Inconvenience.




Mordak Wolfgate

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Teamspeak Maintenance

by guitarmastah, 28 days ago

Teamspeak will be down for a portion of this morning while i add a new hard drive to the machine it runs on. The current hard drive is failing and needs to be replaced. The server will be back up by 9:00 am cst.




VREV Council
SWTOR Division

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Creating Characters for VREV GUILDLAUNCH

by Mordak Wolfgate, 32 days ago

Greetings and Hello to all,

In an effort to use the functions of this site more I have created a tutorial for creating characters on this site for use in the "Rapid Raid" function. RR, is tied with the calender which is used to sign up for guild events, Raids/Ops, Training, ect. With this tool each division can schedule events and track attendees.

Many of you have already created characters on the site and that is fine; however, I deleted them all to start with a clean slate. Worry not, if you previously made a character it should still exist under "In-Game". You will only need to click on "Site Membership" and "Add" that character back to the roster. However, At this time I would please ask that you only add your Main Characters. Additionally, if your division isn't using the Calender to schedule events, please hold off on adding your character.

To the Division Leaders,

Currently I only have 3 games set up on the back end. Please contact me if you would like to start using the Calender and RR function and I will get you set up. I don't want to just add every game, because not every division will need or use it. 

Current games | Planetside 2 | Star Wars: The Old Republic | Battlefield 4 |


VREV Website : Character Creation Tutorial


Thank you for you time. Happy Gaming!

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by guitarmastah, 48 days ago

Read the new charter via the links below. Once you have read and agreed to the charter, reply to the post in the SWTOR forums and state that you agree to the charter. This will need to be done before 3/14/15.

You will need to scroll down to the SWTOR Section.

Forum Post:

Thanks and Happy Gaming!


SWTOR Division Leader
VREV Council

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Teamspeak Maintenance

by guitarmastah, 49 days ago

The Teamspeak server will be down at various times today while we fix all the errors and add some new features. This will only be happening for today and will be fully functional by 1:00 pm today.


SWTOR Division Leader
VREV Council

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