VREV|DB - Division Update

by TheHel1x, 33 days ago

Welcome to my Division Update of the VREV|DB group.


First off I want to thank everyone in the VREV community your advice and support, without it this division would not exist. As far as were the division is at, we are crouched and ready to spring. The competitive team has 4/5 members and our 5th will be chosen this Friday out of 3 players who have been trying-out over the last little wile. Our current line-up goers as follows:

Competitive Team

  • TheHel1x (Manager)
  • Wolvie (Fragger)
  • Skell (Pocket Medic)
  • Obitinize (Medic)
  • Xen (Firesupport/Engineer)
  • OPEN (Firesupport/Engineer)

We just started up our team practices on Monday 4/25/2016. We will be practicing three times per week. Once we get our basic strats down we will start scrimmaging other teams on weekends. We do not yet know exactly when we will start competing in tournaments but I am hoping we will be ready in about a month. Once the comp team is settled into the schedule I want to start working on a casual team. The casual group would consist of VREV members that main in other games, good friends of the comp team members and players that didn't make the cut for the comp team but still want to be a part of the community. I am thinking maybe a couple nights per week the casual group can get together and do something fun like private matches, odd stuff like sniper only in public matches or any other random stuff we can come up with. the casual group will also be were the comp team's subs will come from if a member is not available to play in a practice, scrim or tourny. Once thing the casual group could do is challenge the comp team to a friendly in-clan competition. That would promote a higher level of teamwork and I think a little inter-clan/friendly rivalry will keep things interesting and very very fun.


That's about all I have for now.If you have questions , thoughts, concerns or ideas please let me know via Steam (TheHel1x). Thank you once again guys. I am really exited to see this division take off over the next month or so.


~ TheHel1x

VREV|DB "Welcome To The Revolution"


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Minecraft Servers

by guitarmastah, 44 days ago

The VREV expert mode server has been moved to port 25564. The new 2.4.2 FTB Infinity server will be up this afternoon! This post will be updated once it is live. -GM

VREV Minecraft Server Information

Address: ts.vrevgaming.net


Expert Mode: 


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